Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cabo Fish Taco

Recently, I had family visiting and since they are taco lovers, I knew I had to take them somewhere to satisfy their tortilla craving. So I did my research and after careful consideration, I thought that heading out to the artsy Noda district to dine at Cabo Fish taco was the remedy for our cause.

Don’t go to Cabo in a rush as parking is limited and we had to go down a side street to find a space.  We came in on a busy Thursday night and the six of us were seated within minutes in spite of the crowded house. We started nibbling on the chips and tomato-corn salsa. The salsa was a bit dry, had tons of corn (and not enough tomato), but at least it was an original recipe.

The blackened mahi-mahi tacos were recommended by our server as a must try. Unfortunately both servings given to us of his dish were at best “ok”. Though the fish had a decent flavor; it came out cold, killing any chance for redemption. The fish was cut so chunky it overpowered the sandwich. Had the fish been shredded and mixed better with the other ingredients the taco may have been better. The entire combination on this taco was a bust, light in flavor and the texture off…overall; very disappointing.

The Mexican mahi-mahi burrito also did not win any points. Bland in flavor and the fish was once more served cold, it was hard to find anything redeeming about this option.

The honey wasabi tuna burrito takes you in the right direction. This combo of veggies, cheese and yellow fin tuna is perfectly paired with the tasty honey wasabi white sauce.

The grilled serrano chicken taco my husband ordered was delicious. The chicken had much more flavor than any of the fish we ordered. Hmm, why is the chicken better in a restaurant known for its fish? But, hey at least I found something yummy on the menu…

The jalapeƱo mashed potatoes were also delicious I must admit. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why none of our dishes came out the right temperature; you know hot food hot and cold food cold.
The beans and rice were nearly inedible; pass on these definitely.

If you are coming with a little one, and want the child’s chicken quesadilla; just order the adult portion as it will be much larger and costs the same as the kids meals. I saw no price list before ordering my daughter’s kids meal and was very disappointed to pay so much for a child’s portion. When I told the waitress that I was surprised by the high price, she did nothing to settle my frustration.

The service was overall ok, however our server did nothing to make us feel welcome or special.

As far as the ambiance, Cabo has a pretty neat atmosphere. Funky art projects line the walls, accented by a fun looking and inviting eclectic bar on one side of the restaurant. They boast an extensive list of margaritas, wine, beer and cocktails. Although I will not being going out of my way to return, if I ever go back I think bellying up to the bar may be just what the doctor ordered.


Cabo Fish Taco
3201 North Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC 28205
Hours: M-R: 11:30am-11pm
Fri: 11:30am-2am

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