Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: Brunch at Bistro La Bon

It has taken me a long time, but I think I can finally admit disappointment with the “brunch buffet”.  It sounds great; but almost never measures up.  My Sunday brunch at Bistro La Bon was no exception.

When I pulled into the parking lot of Bistro La Bon, I found myself in a drab-looking shopping complex featuring an enormous Dollar General.  It took me several minutes to find the door leading to a dark noisy enclave.  Once my party arrived, we were escorted to a table.  And then, after some confusion, escorted to a second table, and a third, and a fourth.  Yes, four tables before three employees finally figured out which table at which to seat us.  

Along with the buffet, Bistro La Bon makes both French toast and chocolate waffles to order.  Eggs and bacon are also ordered separately and served family style.  We placed three orders for French toast (for my companions), one order of chocolate waffles (for me) and eggs for the table.

The French toasts arrived in a timely-ish fashion, while my chocolate waffles were lost in the rush.  The limp-looking eggs arrived in a small bowl with four slices of bacon.  This hardly qualifies as “family style,” which conjures up images of large bowls of each being passed around the table.  This was more of an afterthought, better would be to call it a side.

The buffet was good, but did not have the variety I was expecting. Mostly it was taken up by the salad.  However, the meat options were good, especially the brisket.  I enjoy a good plate of salmon, and theirs was no exception, and the mozzarella was terrific.

The chocolate waffle, once it finally arrived was very rich.  It was not well received around the table.  I, a chocolate fan, thought it was good, full of chocolate, crisp and not too sweet.

Once we attacked the buffet, filled ourselves, and chatted a respectable amount of time, we asked for our check.  And then fifteen minutes later, we asked again.  Eventually, around 45 minutes later, the checks finally came, carried by a harried-looking waitress who appeared to be carrying checks for the entire restaurant.

The food, as far as brunch buffets go, was good, however, the service ruined the experience from beginning to end.  Perhaps, with better service, I can enjoy brunch buffets once more.


Bistro La Bon
1322 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205

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