Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Something Classic Cafe

Something Classic Café is an interesting concept; it offers traditional café style lunches and dinner, as well as catering and a large assortment of freshly made ready to-go take out items. From soup, brisket, and casseroles to watermelon salad, the take out menu is ever-changing and is always interesting.

The ambiance is reminiscent of a French farmhouse. Natural, rustic-looking tables fill the restaurant and wine bottles adorn the walls - along with coolers of gourmet treats and beverages.

For $10.95, pick up a sherry poached chicken meal for two. Served on a bed of wild rice with artichokes, this choice will fill you up. The sauce has a medley of flavors - sherry, parmesan cheese, sour cream, garlic and just a touch of mayonnaise. Lightly coated with bread crumbs and topped with fresh sprigs of rosemary, this flavorful casserole-like dish is heavenly. Heating in the oven for 35 minutes, I served it with roasted broccoli and garlic that I prepared myself and the combination was wonderful. I would suggest a crisp Sauvignon Blanc to go with this pick!

If in the mood for beef, try their version of stuffed peppers. I found it to be surprising light but big on flavor. Filled with ground beef, corn, light spices and tomato sauce, it is a hearty choice that I recommend served with rice. Also priced at $10.95 and available for take-out, this meal will easily serve two.

As for sandwiches try the Tarragon Chicken salad, served with grapes, walnuts and red onions, this sandwich makes its mark. Served on delicious fresh whole wheat bread and accompanied with potato salad, I will be back for this one again!

Their hot sandwiches are all named after Hollywood royalty. I had the Dezi Arnez (Cuban) and Sammie Davis Jr.(Turkey Reuben) and I found both of them to be made with high quality and appropriate, tasty ingredients. However, they could have been served warmer and a bit faster. Something to note, the day that I ordered these sandwiches, two people called out sick. The attendant who we paid also answered the phone, took other orders, served us and prepared the food. I must give her some slack since her roles were unfairly expanded that day and she was trying her best to manage the situation. However, I cannot overlook the restaurants unpreparedness that day. Two other patrons entered the café while we were there and clearly it was above this women’s capacity to assume the roles required to meet our expectations.

Additionally, they offer a beautiful assortment of cakes and other confections. I noticed the ornately decorated carrot cake on display and purchased one for my daughter’s first birthday. Although the flavor was right on and the icing was delicious, the cake was noticeably dry which spoiled the experience. Because I have a feeling it was a fluke (and hopeful that new Chef Blake Hartwick will bake a moister cake next time); for future cakes orders, I will request a sample prior to placing my order.

If in the mood for a hearty home cooked meal but are short on time, head to Something Classic Café.

With live music on the weekend evenings, wine offerings and Wine and cheese Wednesdays, this is certainly a one-stop shop of culinary delights.

Something Classic Café
Sandwich boutique/gourmet shoppe
1419 East Blvd
Twin Oaks Shopping center

Check out their website for other locations @www.somethingclassic.com

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