Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Copper

My first brush with Copper came shortly after moving here, when we began our search for a good Indian meal (yes, I will get back to Mexican, but let’s move around the world a bit).  I was sick, and my husband discovered that you can, indeed, carry out from Copper, so he brought us some food, which was fine, but not great, considering the prices.  That was well over a year ago.

Then, driving through Dilworth on New Years Day, we passed by the lovely homey building that is Copper and decided to stop in for dinner.  It was terrific.  We had some amazing food, lovely service, and a great time.  Our son came with us, and was not the only toddler in the room (mostly he’s pretty well behaved at restaurants).  Shortly afterward, I began Charlotte Food Talk, and after the Living Social deal became available, my husband and I were excited to revisit that meal.

Then last week, we did.  And were we disappointed.  Not really with the food.  Well, ok, maybe with the food.  After eating at some amazing Bengali restaurants in the largely Bengali neighborhood of Jackson Heights in New York this past weekend, the meal at Copper fades quickly in comparison.  Why, you might ask?  Read on.

We started with the gunpowder prawns, which were good, but not worth the price.  Then we continued with some relatively traditional dishes, murgh tikka masala (Chicken in creamy tomato sauce) and goat cheese-vegetable “roasted koftas”.  We also had some naan on the side, because who can resist tandoori breads?  It was good.  Just…  Good.

Maybe, however, it would have been better had the service improved.  But it didn’t.  After sitting us down at a table our server pretty much ignored us, and was absolutely uninterested when he finally came around to give us water.  My son never got his water (at our last visit it was served with grace and good humor).  The time between the water service and anyone coming to take the drink order, let alone the food order, was interminable (at one point we did ask someone else to get our server).  When the waiter finally did come around, I ordered a cocktail, which he warned me was very strong.  I would not normally find this annoying; I am a bit of a lightweight when it comes to holding my alcohol.  However, this, coupled with the rest of the service, set my hair on end. 

By the time we had finally finished with the food, we were more than ready to leave.  Forget dessert (disappointingly, because their dessert menu looked great), I wasn’t ready to face our server again.  Even with the $40 voucher from Living Social, we still managed to spend $30, including tip. 

So, we decided that Copper is, unfortunately, a bit of a hit or miss.  Frankly, if you were looking for a place to have a really good, classy Indian meal, I would suggest making the drive to their sister restaurant in Ballentyne, The Blue Taj, where I have yet to have a bad meal or bad service.  And yes, that review is coming soon.


Copper Restaurant
311 East Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203

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