Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Boudreaux's Louisiana Kitchen

In the mood for some Louisiana-style Cajun cuisine? Then head out to Boudreaux’s, a Cajun eatery in Charlotte’s artsy Noda district. Inside its cramped yet cozy atmosphere, you will find a simple décor, a friendly staff and consistently good food.

The classic Louisiana style muffuletta is topped with a homemade olive salad. This option is tasty and has all the key ingredients you would expect to find in the original Italian sandwich. However, a muffuletta should be thick on toppings and difficult to get your mouth around. In this way, you will find their version is a bit light and could use another slathering of toppings and meat.

The shrimp po’ boy is a popular pick. The lightly fried shrimp gives it a big crunch while the cajun mayo contributes a nice bite to the sandwich. Once more, if you prefer your sandwich with a balance of bread and protein, this may not be the sandwich for you as the bread is disproportionately large and can be a bit overpowering.

The blackened blue burger is a fine choice. Topped with soft blue cheese and served on a crunchy onion roll. This blackened and smoky sirloin burger is “A” approved.

Meanwhile on the side, the yummy homemade chips and crunchy french fries will cure any starchy carb craving. The crab cake croissant was ok. The patty was acceptably flavorful and the fluffy croissant hit all the right notes; however, again, there was not enough crab meat to satisfy a serious craving.

For pasta opt for the shrimp creole rotini. This savory pasta served in a zesty tomato creole sauce will win your heart. The service left something to be desired; our waiter brought one wrong drink and the wrong side for two of the people at our table.

Warning; If you want to check out their menu on-line, Boudreaux’s is in the process of improving and updating its menu. With two different pages on the web, it may be a bit confusing until the problem is addressed.

This restaurant also offers a weekend brunch complete with French beignets and coffees spiked with your favorite liquor. They also have a small divey-style bar with daily drink special offerings and many fried appetizers to munch on.

Though Boudreaux’s may not be the place to impress your date; it surely can satisfy a craving for Cajun.


Boudreaux's Louisiana Kitchen
501 East 36th Street Charlotte, NC 28205

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