Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

The Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is somewhat of a multi-faceted eatery/hangout. Offering a sports-themed bar area with a tempting array of tap beers, munchies and HD televisions to watch, there is more to see. The other sections include 2 private party rooms and a family-friendly dining area with oversized comfy booths surrounded by charming wood-paneled walls. And now for the food…

The Greek chicken pita is served on a soft, warm pita loaded with perfectly cooked marinated chicken chunks and a nice balance of feta, lettuce and tomato. The problem came when I added the tzatziki to the mix. There was nothing remotely tzatziki-like about it. In fact, it tasted just like ranch. There was no cucumber, dill, lemon or garlic that you would expect to find in a traditional sauce.

The homemade chips were dry and salty…Really, why even bother?
Next we had the marinated steak kabobs. This dish was mostly done well. The steak was cooked to order and the marinade gave the meat the extra flavor it needed. The veggies were also nicely charred and were a generous portion. My only gripe was the temperature of the food. There was no steam coming off the plate. It seem as though the veggies waited in the warmer while the steak finished grilling.

The Caesar salad; well there was nothing wrong or overly interesting about it. It just tasted like a bland Caesar salad you would find at any predictable chain restaurant.
The macaroni and cheese had a pungent flavor. It tasted quite good, however you would expect it served a bit milder as its target audience is in the 0-10 age range. Topped with a flavorful cheese that scored high; the dish failed quickly as there was virtually no creamy sauce to reckon with. The top was a bit crusty which is clear evidence of the dish being overcooked. All in all, this dish was a thumbs down.

This grille also offers weekend brunch, live music, karaoke and games. Check out their weekly schedule on their website for more specifics. Offering many other dishes including assorted appetizers, make-your own pizzas, meatloaf, fresh fish, pastas and a variety of wraps, you may get lucky and find something you like. I will keep my food expectations minimal next time by sitting at the bar, watching the game and ordering an ice cold beer.


Dilworth Neighborhood Grille
911 East Morehead Street, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28204
Open 7 days, call for hours.

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